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Your safety is our priority.

By booking with Brows by B, you acknowledge that you have read, and do agree to the following:

– Over 18 years old

– Not breastfeeding or pregnant

– Don’t suffer from keloid scarring or psoriasis

– No recent Botox or Filler

– No excessive sebum, too oily skinKeratosis, or History of MRSA in the last 6 months

– No HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C

– Diabetes (medical clearance*)

– Abnormal heart condition (medical clearance*)

– Seborrhea dermatitis

– Chemotherapy patients

– No eczema on the face

– Not allergic to tattoo pigment or anaesthetic cream or cosmetic products (medical clearance*)

– No autoimmune diseases (medical clearance*)

– No Microneedling within 5 days before or after the microblading/shading treatment.

– Not taking Roaccutane medications

Please don’t take alcohol 24 hours before your appointment.

If you have any health condition, allergies or taking any medications (including Vitamins) please message me prior to your appointment on 0414087486.

Only if you have any dark, unfaded microblading/tattoos already on your brows, please text us on 0414087486 a close photo of your brows without makeup/filter. In this case you can only book ‘Microshading’ (Microblading + shading).

Please be aware that we use a compounding anesthetic which will be ordered under your details. You will need to pick up your anesthetic prior to your appointment from Terry White Chemist on Marion road. It will only cost you $15. The pharmacy is 15min away from Brows by B.

* For medical clearance, you need to text us (0414087486) an approval letter from your doctor/GP and wait to receive our confirmation message before booking.


Hello hello and welcome!
I am Bahar and I am the face behind Brows by B. Whatever you want to call me – B, Miss B, Bah, Bahar or, even, Bahareh (give it a go, what’s the worst that can happen) – you’re always guaranteed a smiley response.
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